Last night, we did something we like to do fairly often, which is catch a show at Murray’s Dinner Playhouse. Murray’s is a Dinner Theater, for those of you who have heard of such a thing.

Murrays 01

For a quite reasonable price(cheaper than movie tickets and snacks), one gets a nice, real food supper and a live stage show.

Murray’s has been in business for 50 years this year, making it one of the 10 oldest Dinner Theaters in the country. It started as the Wild West Dinner Theater in 1967 and renamed and continued on in 1977.

My own personal history with Murray’s goes back all the way to 1977, as that was the first official job I ever had. My mom waited tables there, so it was quite natural for me to go to work there when I could legally work at 15 with a work permit. She would get me at school, and off we would go to work. Actually, she dropped me off at work, as wait staff came in later than kitchen staff. Go figure, right? 15 years old and I worked more hours in a week than my mother. All us boys would help finish up the buffet line prep, set up the buffet, maintain the buffet, bus tables, then break down the buffet. Then we would load up piles of plates for our personal dining enjoyment, head to the sound proof dish room, and frantically wash the PILES of dirty dishes while the play went on. At intermission, we would dash out, get any dishes not yet bussed, return to our cave, and frantically finish. It was really hard work to be honest. We had a LOT of fun back there, though. It was a soundproof room….we could do anything we wanted, because nobody was going to ever open the door while the show was going on.

Last nights show was The Wizard of Oz. Wow. Just a great, great show. I have never actually read the book, so I can’t speak to that much; I can say it was overall very true to the movie I have watched for years and years, with some nice additions. It’s truly amazing how they managed to capture the grandness of the movie on a stage barely 25 feet square.

A good time was had by all, for sure.