philippians 4_8

My life is an interesting paradox. There is an odd sort of compartmentalization that happens between my work life and my personal(consumer) life.

My work life is ALL about the technology. Literally, my entire professional life revolves around giving people the highest quality home entertainment solution they can get their hands on.

On the other hand, in my personal life I remain a cave man. At night, watching TV in bed, I will get frustrated at my remote and toss it at my wife to work for me. Go figure.

Anyway, back to the point here. I know readers will remember that for a while I had Sirius XM radio in my new work van; it was the free promo that comes with new cars these day. It finally expired, and made me sad. I was sad because I put it on Family Talk Radio and listened to preaching all day. It had its limitations. If I missed something, I just missed it; additionally, not everybody who preached was necessarily what I wanted to hear.

When it ran out, I fell back to just regular FM radio, mostly the Classic Rock station that comes in pretty good in my neck of the woods. Now, I am not condemning secular music, but as much as I love it I really don’t need to fill my head with it all day.

But…..a solution.

New high speed internet at home plus smart phone plus down-loadable podcasts/MP3s plus Bluetooth in the van. Boom. Back in business. Very cool it is. Now I only have to listen to exactly  what I want, and that handy pause button means I miss nothing. Boom.

What’s my point other than mindless rambling? Well, there is one. I just recently wrote about wondering why, after the spiritual highs we may experience such as revivals and camps, do we so easily slip back onto the clutches of the world? That is simple. We choose to. We fail to be intentional about our separation from the world. When the world waves at us, we wave back, and join the party.

We can also choose NOT to. It may take some effort, and it may take some thought and inventiveness.

What have you put in YOUR mind today?