Romans 3_23

Our message on night one of Church camp was built around this passage, and thoughts soon followed.

Our sin, versus the glory of God. Many have a problem with sin. Actually, we ALL have a problem with sin. We can see that, right there, in God’s Word. All of us have a sin problem.

When I say people have a problem with sin, what I mean is people in general have an issue with other people, any book, or God telling them that they are in fact, in sin. People take that extremely personally. I will never point any fingers, as the very idea was pretty insulting to my own pride and the way I felt about myself for years.

We compound the problem when we use words like “total depravity, worthless sinners, filthy rags”, and things like that. Please don’t misunderstand me, I happen to agree with God that such words do, in fact describe the natural human condition. That is when folks will get really mad and yell at me, screaming..” I am not worthless, I am not a sinner, I haven’t even done any really bad things.!!”

I am rather busy this week, so my thought will be quick, but I believe readers will get this. Read…..the….verse.

All have sinned. All. That is a complex Greek word meaning, everybody.

Fallen short of the Glory of God. God’s glory is immeasurable, unattainable, and incomprehensible. God is perfection, and holiness. We can’t even comprehend His glory, much less attain it.

Our problem comes because we DO try to get it. We try to measure the failure of our own lives by our standards, and the way WE would do things.

That’s not the measuring stick.

Read the passage again.

God’s glory, not yours.