Here I sit and the end of our first day at camp, waiting for the boys to wind down their gas passing contests and go to sleep, so that I can too. I find my heart twisted in knot on my first day of the camp.

Okay, of course I don’t live in a developing country; most of us do not. Would you be shocked to know there are parts of our own county where people live just about like they do in the developing world. In fact, some of these people are my neighbors. For a small church, we have a pretty concerted effort to reach out to the young people in our community; we are reaching out to them this week, as we take a lot of young people to camp, and I get so see the offspring of these lives first hand every year. I tell you, it breaks my heart.

We have kids whose way to camp we pay, as they could never

We have kids who we have to buy tennis shoes for, as they only own flip flops

We have kids who we have to buy long pants and a dress for, as they have nothing to wear in the evening.

I have been told one of our campers was happy to be coming to camp, because she would be able to take a shower.

Look, I am NOT social commentary blogger; I am just a guy trying to do a small part to make some kids life a little better for a night during the week and a week during the summer, but this is just heartbreaking.

Too many drugs, too much booze, and not enough jobs, Dads, or Jesus. That’s the problem, and that’s all I got to say about that.