It’s deja vu all over again! This is actually last years post rehashed, as it’s that time of year again…..Church Camp! Of course, the group is different, and it’s 730 instead of 700 for some reason. Also, there are a LOT more kids! Amen for that blessing. Here is last year:

Were off

Here is THIS year:



Monday morning 700 AM.

We are headed out to Budd Creek Camp!

Here are a few things you all can pray for as we embark upon this week

Pray that we are safe. This is camp. There are rocks, sticks, and a few hundred irresponsible kids. People get hurt, and people get sick. We tell kids every year don’t kick the rocks, but they kick the rocks. In flip flops. Duh.

Pray that we love. Many of the kids we take don’t always see a lot of love from adults. Pray that we give it to them. Some don’t have a lot of home training and act out bit. Pray that we love them even then. Things get tense at camp sometimes; pray that the adults always love each other and set a good example.

Pray that we have fun! God gives us fun, so pray that we accept it.

Pray that we grow closer to one another in Christian fellowship.

Finally, pray that many lost souls will be brought to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Blessings to all and thanks for your prayers.