An update on this post

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Some of you probably know this, but many of you may not be aware that some years back, when he was 14, The Lord called my stepson to be a preacher in our work. I have written about that here if you want some background.

Calling All Preachers

Its almost 7 years later and he is 21 years old now, and participating in real life. He has been working real jobs, filling in at churches, and such. He has also preached some at what we call in our work, “In view of a call.” It’s more or less how churches select and call a new pastor. In our work, that decision is solely in the hands of the particular church, no outside influences are part of the process.

He is preaching for the third time today In View of a Call at a church in our area, and is also meeting with their pulpit committee. The possibility is strong that this church will call him to pastor. That is another unique thing in our work, these decisions are made by the entire congregation. The Pulpit committee would be appointed by the congregation to ask questions and iron out details if they call him to pastor.

Pray about this. It’s a good church that is looking at him, and a young vibrant man in the pulpit could be just the thing they need. Pray for my stepson, as 21 and looking at the very real possibility of leading a congregation is a pretty awesome and maybe frightening thing.



Pray for my stepson, please as he begins His “official” ministry as a preacher of God’s Word.