Originally posted in 2014


Ephesians 6:15

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;


Read Ephesians Chapter 6 for the entire text for this series.

Obviously, A Roman soldier had to have protection for his feet. All transport in that day was by foot, and a barefooted soldier would soon be out of commission. Additionally, a Roman soldier’s foot wear would often be impregnated on the soles  with nails or studs to provide additional grip and traction as they walked and fought.  Without proper footwear, a soldier would certainly stumble and fall along the way.

A soldier’s shoes provided him an anchor point as the waded into combat; what is our anchor point? Well, our salvation in Jesus Christ of course!

This one is quite simple, really. The Preparation of the Gospel of Peace is the knowledge that we are at peace with God through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, and that He is on our side.

Are you saved? Do you have full assurance of your salvation? Are you at peace with and reconciled to God? If you do, then you need not fear stumbling and falling as you go into combat with The Enemy. If we have that, all we need to do is stand, and we can have victory.