In case nobody noticed, all week as been a throwback. I suppose that makes this semi false advertising. I seem to be dry of new thoughts for writing. Not sure what the problem is.

throw back thursday

Matthew 5:13

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Jesus used many methods during His teaching methods while he was here on Earth. In this lesson, He used an analogy by comparing believers to salt. So, before we get too deep into this, we should take a look at what salt would have meant to the disciples listening to Him. Because Jesus often spoke using analogies and parables which would make almost instant sense to His audience.

Salt would have meant two things to the men listening to Jesus speak. Salt had basically two purposes in that time. First, salt was a flavoring; that’s no different than today really.  Salt was the most basic and common  flavoring available, rather like it is today. Not only would salt provide flavor in and of itself, but it would also enhance and bring out any other spices used.  Second, salt was a preservative. This was not a day of refrigerators and freezers; without some method of preserving, meat would quickly ruin and become useless.

So, what did Jesus mean when He compared His disciples to salt? We are to flavor the world around us. Obviously, we are to flavor it with the taste of our Christian lifestyles. Jesus made the point that salt with no flavor was simply useless and fit only for being cast away to be trod on. If we have lost our flavor, our Christian testimonies, then we are not good for a thing ourselves.  At least we are no good as a flavoring in the world around us.

Salt preserves. How do Christians preserve? Just take a look at the world around us. Anybody can quickly see that the world is rapidly ruining and souring, just like a piece of meat left laying in the sun would.  Just like meat, the world needs something to permeate it and preserve it and keep it from ruin.  In the case of the meat, salt that has kept its characteristics can do that. And Christians who have kept their Christian characteristics can do much to keep the world around them from ruining.

One other  thing about how salt preserves needs to be noted.  Salt permeates the food it preserves; salt keeps the bad at bay so the meat will not go bad.  That is no different than Christians in the world.  We are to permeate the world and keep the bad at bay, so the world might not go bad.  Our problem is that we let the bad permeate us , the salt of the Earth. When that happens, it us just as Jesus said; we are of no use any longer except to be thrown away and trod underfoot.