We may not always be in total agreement as believers, but we can still live in harmony as brothers and sisters.

Blessings and enjoy!

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Romans‬ ‭12:16a‬
” Live in harmony with each other ”
Have you have ever sung with a band, worship team, or choir? Then you’ll know what it’s like when you first hear the song that you’re going to be singing together. You might not have heard it before and as a group you have to familiarise yourselves with it by listening a few times. Then the harmony parts have to be worked out.
Once you’ve learnt the song and you are familiar with your part you know just what and when to sing. If you’re singing melody, you need the support of the harmonies or the song can sound a bit empty. If you’re singing harmony, it’s important to know when to come in with your supportive notes in the song, or you could throw the whole song off. It’s also important that the harmony isn’t louder than the melody…

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