We are experts at pronouncing things to be broken, but not nearly so good at pputting our feet on the ground, and our hands into action to help fix it.

Blessings and enjoy this thought provoking post!

Holly T. Ashley

In a Facebook post from a highly educated, well respected, Baptist leader, (I have been corrected- not evangelical)** pastor, and professor of pastoral ministry, (not theology)**, he vocalized his concern for the racial divide in our country. He stated a young black man who attempted to find work using two different and ethnically diverse names on his resume, only to get responses from those with the “white” name used.

He also mentioned a woman who lived in an environmentally challenged neighborhood, where her child played outdoors in an atmosphere that could cause brain damage.

As I read the post and the replies to his post – I could only imagine that the rants and grumbling were met with shaking heads and wagging fingers…. so I asked: “What action was being taken to combat this issue?”

In essence (what I was thinking in and among my elevated temperature)– “What are you…

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