Well, I love a good poem, although I could never write one.

Blessings and enjoy!


Praise be to our God for we are yours!

We stand ready to hear you at the doors

We enter your heavenly gates with

thanksgiving and praise

Glory and honor be to our King Jesus

for from the tree he was raised

It is  You that have made us

and to you we belong

So we shout with songs of gladness

before your lofty throne

Fill us with the light , illuminate our path

Save  we pray O’ Son of David us all from the coming wrath

Teach us your ways and incline our ears

to your heart

Be with All our days , make us new

lest we ever fall apart

For you are mighty and your works

are Grand !

Praise be to God in all the earth

as you keep us with your right hand!

( Psalms 100)

By ShayV

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