As this post points out, we ARE God’s children.

Blessings and enjoy!

Come Sit Here

The ‘Why’ questions used to be cute. Well to a point, if I’m totally honest. I wasn’t very good with the ‘why’ response to my tenth answer on questions about the universe and other complicated things. In those discussions I felt as if I was slipping on a downward spiral into a pit of futility. There’s always a direct correlation between the lack of meaning in the questions from my children and my answers. and at the bottom of that pit lies a) I dunno or b) ‘cos I said so!

But we forgive them the asking because they are just so jolly cute when they’re three. And anyway, when they are very little they are not questioning our knowledge, only trying to figure it all out. At that age they trust us completely to catch them when they jump off those high ledges.

But as they grow, they realise we are not as…

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