More great poetry for your enjoyment and edification. From Catherine

Blessings and enjoy!


Perfect love cast out  fear

Fear of rejection

Fear of losing a job

Fear of lack and having to borrow

Fear of sickness

Fear of past failures and mistakes being exposed

Fear of losing loved ones

Fear of falling short

Fear of death

Fear of being forgotten

Fear of misunderstood out and being left out

Fear, fear, fear

Fear as opposed to faith

Yet the just shall live by faith

What if, just what if you discovered that the events you most feared would occur, will never take place?  What if you discovered that there was no need to fear and that everything was taken care of? Wouldn’t you sit back, let your hair down and take your mask off? 

Wouldn’t you be yourself?

Come to yourself my soul, you are known and loved. Be yourself!

His embrace engulfs you, receive this amazing love. No need to fear any more.

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