Since we may be using this before the night is done I thought I’d repost this.


Truth in Palmyra

FYIโ€ฆI fully intend to get back to writing soon some thoughts and teachings from Godโ€™s Word, but in the meantime all I have to offer is the mindless ramblings from my life.


Thatโ€™s an interesting map, and shows the parts of our country that are at the highest risk for tornadoes. As you can see, I am plop in the middle of the reddest red on the map. Not only that, but frequent severe thunderstorms often produce serious, damaging straight line winds.

I live in a double wide. Got it?

So, the other day, as I sat blogging and, oblivious to the world around me I notice that my lights were flickering. So I did what any reasonable person does when that happens; I sent outside to look up in the air and determine what the malfunction was.

All seemed fairly normal, and nothing was amiss other than what Iโ€ฆ

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