Shooting at a submarine with a pea shooter? Now, that’s insane

Blessings and enjoy!

The Lions Den

Out of sane, insane, you are outta your mind! Words that evoke an immediate response, whether spoken or not. We all want to preserve what little dignity we have, ( if any at all) and who wants to be told they are pretty much out to lunch.

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Truth be told, we are all a few doughnuts short in the box, regarding something. The ant is clueless as to making a spider’s web, and the wasp is lost in space as to the making of honey. The most specialized of insects are ignorant to something.  But man are they experts in their chosen field.

Unfortunately, humans are not insects, and do not know everything, even in a specialized field. Fortunately, there is One who knows everything, is a specialist in every field, has understanding which is infinite, is wise above all, knows all about the yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows, and…

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