Before I dive into this, allow me to state quite clearly; I make no claims to be a textual critic or Bible scholar. I am just a guy who loves God and loves to study His Word. I have no plans to posture and pretend and be some cut and paste antiquities scholar.I wish I could say the same about some who love to try to destroy the eternal nature of God’s Word. What’s my point here? Don’t come round here trying to play Bible Scholar because you aren’t. You are just a cut and past blow hard who is more indoctrinated than the most fundamental of fundamentalists. I won’t even entertain your moronic cut and paste arguments on this post.

Just recently I had to read through a 10,ooo word harangue about first and foremost my personal deficiencies and mental shortcomings.For the life of me, I can’t figure out how the fact that I am stupid and delusional renders God’s Word false. Eh..whatever on that one

The harangue went on:

The oldest Bible, the Sinai Bible, in some museum, 14,800 differences, you are stupid. listen to yourself….blah…blah..blah….more blah blah. Archeology disproves the Bible, book of myths, the Disneyland of the Middle east, they are just fleecing you stupid Christians..blah..blah blah blah..more blah blah.

Let God be true, but every man a liar

Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was the settlement of the Essenes, who spent years copying old manuscripts by hand to preserve them.


The pictures above are of the work area, so to speak, of the Essenes who did all of this work. They actually lived in the caves above. The caves were also where they stored the completed scrolls and where the discovery was made of them.