No, I don’t mean four wheeling! Literally, I mean mudding. Covering oneself with mud. from the Dead Sead.

The Dead Sea is…well..dead. No life lives there, no life grows there. In the Sea itself anyway that is true; agriculture is all over on the shores and beyond.

The mineral content of the Dead Sea is 34 percent hard minerals; that water is almost solid. In fact, it is so almost solid that a person literally cannot sink in it. When you lay back in it, it is almost like reclining in a lounge chair.

Because of the high mineral content of the water and the mud under it, millions come to the Dead Sea each year, and it is one of the largest Spa areas in the world. Out in the stores, you can buy Dead Sea mud for 4 dollars! For a bag of mud!

Or you can come in person, pay an entry fee for the beach, and wallow in the mud all day. I used to get in trouble for doing this!