Magdala. For years “Magdala” was a C Site. There was a place all the tour groups would drive by and guests would be told, “That’s Magdala, where Mary Magdalene was from.”

Turns out that was incorrect! Back in 2009, while digging a foundation for a new Hotel, crews ran into stone.  In accordance with Israeli Law they stopped digging and called the Department of Antiquities.

THIS was Magdala


This is very exciting for a number of reasons. First, this was the first Synagogue from the time of Jesus discovered in the Galilee area. Only 7 Synagogues from His time have been unearthed in all of the land of Israel, and this was the first in Galilee.

Where did Jesus Preach? Generally, in the Synagogue. What area did Jesus preach in? Galilee. Do that math as you look at these pictures. This was an A Site. The table you see in the glass container is the original found as they dug the excavation; the one you see sitting actually inside the dug out Synagogue is a replica. It is sitting exactly where it would have been sitting at the time Jesus was traveling Galilee preaching.

Imagine. An almost 100 percent probability that our Lord stood in that place, at the table and unrolled a scroll and began to read Scripture and teach.