After leaving the Mediterranean Coast, we headed into the mountains! Specifically, we headed to Mt Carmel, which of course is the site of the great showdown in 1 Kings Chapter 18 between the prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Now the site is occupied and maintained by a Carmelite Monastery. Until this point I never new exactly how the Carmelite Order in the Catholic Church got it’s name; now I do.

Enroute to Mt Carmel I learned a bit about just how diverse the nation of Israel is. Contrary to what we often think, there is a substantial Arab Muslim community living in Israel as Israelis. Here is an Arab village and the village Mosque we saw on the way.

Sidebar here. We may not all agree theologically with each other, and certainly I find myself in disagreement with many of the teachings found in Catholicism; however, all of us who make the trip to Israel owe a serious debt to both the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox Church for maintaining the sites of some of the greatest events in history.

Some of the views here are looking across the Jezreel Valley, home to many conflicts and conquests over many centuries. We will probably come back to the Jezreel Valley in more detail later on, but for now just some pictures.