This was what we found out is called an “Israeli breakfast.”

First there was not a single meat item. Earlier we talked some about dietary law and no meat at breakfast is part of that.  We had milk to drink,  cream for coffee,  and a great assortment of cheeses. It was the converse of why there was no

dairy at supper last night.

Breakfast was different than most of us are used to. Eggs were present as were things like jam. Also present were heartier things like salads and even some fish.

So was this really a typical Israeli breakfast? No, not really. Moshe our guide said most folks are like us…toast or something on the fly. So, why the name?

It came from the days of the Kibbutz farms.  Then all the folks would arise very early, before dawn, and hit the fields for 4-5 hours work then come in as it started getting hot for a hearty meal.

Hence…Israeli breakfast!