Well, it’s been awhile since I have traveled to foreign lands, and I had forgotten how odd it can be! We left Arkansas on Tuesday morning and now its suddenly Thursday morning! Actually, as this picture was taken, it was 230 in the morning Israel time. We were both wp-1488420459091.jpgwide awake , ready to get something done. I suspect later in the day, we will both be ready to fall asleep. That is the nature of jet lag!

We are excited to begin the “official” tour today, and have a event packed 10 days coming up. So far the most exciting thing has occurred in the Little Rock Airport, when my laptop kept alarming, so I was selected for additional very “thorough” screening. Did I say very thorough? Only a proctologist would be more thorough than that TSA guy. Just saying.

So, here we are day two, or one, or something. I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Supper was really good last night here at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel in Netanya. Netanya is more or less a suburb of Tel Aviv, so by all intents and purposes we are in Tel Aviv. That was an interesting trip into the city. Apparently the population of Tel Aviv is about a half million, but well over a million actually work in the city. There was LOTS of traffic.

Back to supper! It was very good overall. It was a buffet just full of various Middle Eastern and Israeli foods. Lot’s of chicken, which is always a winning proposition. The salad bar was truly outstanding! I will have more detail on the food as I learn what some of the food items actually are!

We have our first full day today, led by our Driver Awad, and our guide Moshe. Moshe(Moses) has already assured us that we won’t wander the desert for the duration of our trip. On our agenda for today(This was copied right off the Facebook page of our Tour Leader, Brother Neal Clark):

Well today we began our Tour of the Promise Land, we plan to Visit Caesarea By The Sea, The Ancient Water Aqueducts,The Mediterranean Sea ,then on to Mt Carmel Where Elijah killed the prophet of Baal, The River Kishon ,Visit The Valley of Megiddo,Solomon’ Stables, We are planning to a Falefal for Lunch today ,then on to Nazareth, The Beautiful Jezreel Valley, The Brow of the Hill, Cana of Galilee ,Horns of Hetton , we Continue on our journey through the Mountains of Galilee to our Hotel on the Banks of the Beautiful Sea of Galilee at Tiberius for Dinner & Over Night !!

That’s all for now, dear readers. As I wake up randomly in the middle of the night, I am sure there will be more!