Have you been rescued? Have you been set free from the penalty of sin? Jesus is reaching to you now if you have not. Will you respond?

Blessings and enjoy!

Overcoming The Times

Luke 2:10
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

In the fall of 1987, Jessica Morales, an 18-month-old baby girl fell into a well in her backyard in Texas. For almost two days, her family and the entire country waited with great anticipation for her rescue. As time went by many worried she would not be rescued. Cameras were trained on the scene as hope ebbed away. Finally the moment came when she was pulled to her freedom. Those watching the scene rejoiced in her rescue.

Friends, we have read the announcement that our “rescue” has come; GOOD NEWS” You and I will be set free! Sin no longer holds us, Death no longer keeps us. This good news isn’t just for a few. It’s for “all people.” It’s for every person who…

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