Maybe we may not the the one called to step up on a pulpit and proclaim the Gospel there. But, maybe we are the one called to give that man strength and encouragement.

We may feel our life is obscure, but we should always remember… our Lord every life an purpose matters greatly.

Are we ready and willing to speak when it’s OUR turn?

Blessings and enjoy!


neuschwanstein-castle-467116_1280I like obscurity.  It’s a safe place, at least for me.  Tucked away on my little plot of Earth in my little small town that barely rates a pin-point on a global map, that’s what I’m talking about.  We had an event one time that brought in some coastal people from back east to our area, and their sentiment was along the lines of, “Where ARE we??”  I am told that people from New York City think of our nation as two coasts, and the in-between is relatively insignificant.  (You know, things like cows and corn and oil, nothing like Fashion Week or Hollywood.)

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