Do you have a friend or love one that you really should have that difficult conversation with, but don’t want to offend them or hurt their feelings? ust remember, the greatest way to love the lost, first and foremost, is to show them the way to salvation!

Blessings and enjoy!

21st Century Sojourner


Chances are you have friends, co-workers even people in your family that have drifted from the faith. You care deeply about them, and you feel this great sense of responsibility for their fate. That burden mixed with guilt and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy puts added pressure on the relationship. You are not a trained theology. Where can you find a mission expert when you need one to speak to the heart of that loved one on your behalf? The following modern day parable may be your story.

These two women had been friends since they first met in a sandbox as little girls. They came from two different backgrounds. Teresa’s father was a minister as was his father before him. It was like they came over on the boat from England already converted. Ellen’s family had a different view of God. Due to an incident with Ellen’s grandmother where…

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