Want to see a revival? Draw a circle around yourself. See that every person in that circle gets revived.

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By Patrick Hawthorne

abandoned-church3Many professed Christians seem not to know what it is to be in a truly revived spirit. They know not what it is to travail in birth for souls in prayer, with strong crying and tears; and if a revival begins they are apt to get up in their sleep and bustle about, and do more harm than good. C.G. Finney 1874

Of late, I have been examining my heart.  I, along with many others have sensed the call upon the Church to be revived from its deep slumber.  Yet, as I pray and seek the Lord, I realize that something is missing.  Yes, I have a deep yearning for revival but at the same time there is an undeniable vacuum sucking the very life from my prayers.  It is as if I’m spinning my wheels but making no forward progress.

Ask and it will be given…

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