Last night was the monthly Youth Rally we have in our local association of Missionary Baptist churches. What’s a Youth Rally you say? I bet some readers may remember such a thing happening years ago in local communities, but for the most part, things like this have sort of died out. Is it a coincidence that our churches are getting older and older, and even dying and closing up at about the same time? Well, or course it’s not; however, that is probably a whole different post.

I know there are many views on how to conduct youth ministry out there in the world. We draw them with gee whiz stuff, video games, entertainment, and a whole bunch of things that, frankly, have absolutely ZIP do do with the message of The Gospel. Please don’t misunderstand me; fun is awesome, and I am pretty sure God smiles when we take pleasure in worshiping and learning about him. Fun, however, is NOT the point.

Okay, back to: What is a Youth Rally?

Well, basically it’s just a one evening Revival Service for the young people

We do feed them. We are Baptists…what can I say. Just a nice easy meal before praise and worship, where we all just hang out and get to know each other. Frito chili pie, hot dogs, and dessert. Yum.

We sing some hymns, too. Real hymns, out of a real hymn book! Imagine 75 kids singing from and old fashioned hymn book and liking it.

The kids sing “their” songs. Us older folks like that, also. Would could not take joy in young people praising The Lord in song?

They get a real, no fake sermon by a real preacher. Of course, usually it’s a young man either serving in some youth ministry, or maybe one from a local church who has been called and is serving there while studying, or even finishing school. The message is primarily for them, but in most cases the adults get as convicted as the kids!

The kids run the service. It’s for them, and by them. Just a little preparation for future leadership roles in God’s service.

Folks, don’t be discouraged. God’s church is NOT dying. It is alive and well and growing. 75 plus kids gathering on a Monday night when they could be doing many other things is proof of that.


James and Candi White our Youth Leaders!


This our our preacher, brother John Marlar, and our guest preacher Matt Griffin. A fine young man, who did a fine job.