Last night was Date Night at the Flying Fish in Little Rock. We aren’t the biggest date night people, but we always make January Date night. Why, you ask? Well 10 years ago January was our first date ever, at the Flying Fish seafood Restaurant in the River Market in Little Rock. So, we go back every year in January to commemorate that.

That first date, 10 years ago, was a blind date. We have been married 9 and one half years. Things moved fast. Odd, really, considering one of the first things we shared with each other on our first date was that we neither had ANY intention of getting married, to anybody. Men(and women) make plans; God laughs.

I want to talk about covenants for just a few words, if I may. God is very big on covenants, and throughout his history with His creation, He has made many with different people, and nations. Our current relationship with Jesus is a covenant; it is a marriage covenant. He is the groom, and we are his Bride. We are the Bride of Christ.

Look, our earthly marriages are a model, and a type of the covenant relationship Jesus has with His Bride. They should be anyway. But, really, they aren’t. We just toss our marriages away like we have gone to a restaurant and ordered the “Marriage du jour.”

I am NOT throwing stones in this matter; trust me. Guilty as charged. Thank the Lord for His grace in this matter, and that past is, in fact, the past.

As much as anything around, the legalization of no fault divorce has led to the decline and destruction of the family in this country.Now, we can literally simply walk away from a marriage for no particular reason whatsoever. Good thing Jesus doesn’t get ticked, go “find Himself,” and divorce us huh?

Marriage IS a covenant, or at least is should be. We have a covenant marriage before God of course; we also have a Covenant Marriage legally in the State of Arkansas. Only Arkansas, Arizona, and Louisiana have these as best I know, and we both agreed to enter into this legally.

What does that mean? Well, to divorce we have to show cause; furthermore, the causes are somewhat limited:

  • The other spouse has committed adultery.
  • The other spouse has committed a felony.
  • The other spouse engages in substance abuse.
  • The other spouse has physically or sexually abused the spouse or a child.
  • The spouses have been living separately for 18 months

Why did we do this? Well, because just like we both said we would never get married again?

We also both agree that we will NEVER dissolve a marriage again.