Okay…some serious caveats here, if I may

My title is SERIOUSLY tongue in cheek, a joke, and sarcasm. Okay?

This is NOT a political post. If you want to argue politics, wander onward

I was not a Donald Trump supporter in this past election, nor a Hillary Clinton supporter. I voted. Enough said.

There seems to be some sort of idea germinating around in the head of lots of people that I know, and love, that we are about to turn a corner in this country. That may, in fact, be true. There also seems to be an idea that any minute, this country will go running back to God, that Donald Trump will be the reason why, and will be leading the charge.

Well, what can I say. I disagree. Allow me to cover my reasoning here:

Nations don’t “return to God.” People may return to God. People may get saved. People may be drawn to God. People may be chosen by God. People may accept God’s offer of grace. People may be converted. People may backslide. People may do all of those things, depending on your particular theological leanings. Nations don’t return to God. I hate to pop anybody’s bubble, but God’s relationship with this country is not the same relationship He had with Israel, His chosen nation. God works with PEOPLE now. I certainly pray daily that every single person in this wonderful nation come to know God, but we as a Nation don’t come to God as some homogeneous group.

Donald Trump is not a Godly man. Yep, I said that. Look, he stated outright he needed forgiveness for nothing. That pretty much disqualifies him as a man of God. At least, the Bible I read teaches that. Add the man’s conduct of both his personal and professional lives, and that pretty much nails the coffin shut on Donald Trump’s status as a Godly man. Every preacher in the land praying over him won’t change this.

Like it or not, we can’t legislate a “return to God.” A, it doesn’t work. B, it’s actually not allowed under our very own Constitution.

We have had Godly men in the White House, and did anything really change? Think Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly if you will. Every one of them a Godly man by all accounts. If we “returned to God” in those administrations, I missed it somehow.

Pagans will act like pagans, and heathens will act like heathens. Why exactly do we expect anything else? I am not even shocked anymore when believers act more heathen than the heathens.

Donald Trump is NOT going to return this nation to God. Nope. The question is: are we going to sit around rejoicing about this one we say will save our nation, while we continue down the path we have been on for decades? The current administration may very well provide us with something quite useful for the Kingdom of God: Room to work, and an environment in which we CAN work. It’s obvious that the alternative in this election would have ended in a far more hostile, restrictive environment than the one we will have for at least four years. The question is, again: what will we do about it, and with it? What is the solution? What WILL turn this country?(Meaning that really large group of PEOPLE we live among.)

It’s not rocket science; read the instruction manual.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth

Then He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Any Questions?