As you may recall, we have been following a great series my my brother Patrick on revival in the church. He seems to be on a short break, so for tonight, we will start this great series by Pastor Randy on the Top 10 things that are killing the church. The two topics, how to revive the church and what is killing the church, seem to go well together. Blessings and enjoy!

Kingdom Pastor


This morning I had another one of my moments of random thoughts.  It is a condition I am afflicted with regularly and I am learning to use it in ways that would be both inspiring and challenging.  This morning’s random thought came out of a conversation I had in 2016 with someone at church.  Our conversation emerged from that Sunday’s message that was about the question of human sexuality.  If you are a member of or are following the news in our Tribe, it is a hot topic button.  My point was that God calls us to love and care about others and that homosexuality is not the worst sin, and we needed to stop treating it that way.  We need to bear witness to the truth of Jesus through our lives and give the Spirit the opportunity to change whatever needs to be changed in our life.

This member…

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