Ever wonder why we don’t experience Revival? Well, just remember, when we are pointing a finger that there are still three fingers pointing backwards. Blessings and enjoy!


By Patrick Hawthorne


The Lord has stoked within me a burning desire for a subject that holds different meaning to different people.  It is the subject of revival.  In my last post, Revive Us…Revive Us for What? (https://servinggrace.com/2017/01/07/revive-us-revive-us-for-what/), I asked the question, “Why are we asking for revival?”  To this, I received many wonderful responses.  However, one response stood above the others in that it addressed the heart of my concern.  It came from fellow blogger and teacher, Mel Wild.

“I guess my problem with some of our praying for revival is not the heart behind it, but that our notions of revival actually keeps us from living in revival. Our paradigm is rather Old Testament. God comes and goes, the Holy Spirit only visits rather than inhabits, it’s a “please don’t take Your Holy Spirit away from me,” prayer, when, in reality, we are in Christ in…

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