Tonight for my evening reblog, I am sharing part two of this great series by Patrick. Please come along for the read, and let Patrick know what you think. Blessings and enjoy!


By Patrick Hawthorne


I have a serious question for you.   Do you know why you are asking for revival?  This is not a trick question but is a question for you to answer honestly.

I just read a quote from  17th century pastor Richard Baxter that made me stop in my tracks.  I stopped in order to ask the Lord for forgiveness.  Why?  It is because I am guilty of not living, teaching, and writing with the full expectation of seeing a real move of God.

“If your hearts be not set on the end of your labors, and you do not long to see the conversion and edification of your hearers (or your readers – addition mine), and do not study and preach in hope, you are not likely to see much fruit of it.  It is an ill sign of a false, self-seeking heart, that can…

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