Are we asking God to just “send” us revival? Are we doing what we need to do to revive ourselves? Great thoughts here. Blessings and enjoy!


By Patrick Hawthorne


“Revive us O’ Lord,” we cry and plead from within and without our church buildings.  “Bring the rain of Your Holy Spirit upon us.  Send revival.”

“Fix the leak first,” says the Lord.

“O’ Lord,” we cry the louder.  “Send revival to heal this broken land.”

“Fix the leak first,” says the Lord.

Why are the prayers of the Church not being answered?  Is it because God has ceased to move?  Have the days of the outpouring of His Holy Spirit passed away?  Are miracles, signs, and wonders a thing of the past?  Or, is it because we, the Body, have failed to check ourselves?

“Fix the leak first,” says the Lord.

I liken the Body of Christ to the gardener who is attempting to water their plants with a busted water hose.  The water is present in plentiful supply, yet it is not reaching its destination. …

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