Okay, not really. None of my work days are short. On the days I actually work, it’s usually about 12 hours, and on the days I don’t, it’s still on call the whole day. But, that’s not the point.

I promise, I am not getting paid to review products, even though it may seem like it lately. In this case, they might not pay me for it anyway.

We all recently downloaded an app called Life 360. It’s supposed to help us all keep track of each other. Really, it’s suppose to let US(Mom and Dad,) keep track of THEM(Kids who drive.) Great concept, right? Well, concept is about it.

It won’t download and install on the phone of the One Who Must be Tracked. Bust

It’s also suppose to send messages to other users about what OTHER users are doing. Apparently today I left home at 5:09 PM and returned home at…..5:10 PM

Thank goodness for short day, I say.