Do we want to be “happy,” or do we seek the joy that can only be found in Jesus Christ? Do we even know the difference? Blessings and enjoy!

Shattered in Him

Liz, over at the Daily Warrior challenged many of us to create goals for ourselves for 2017. As a person who generally refrains from New Year’s resolutions, I had to sit and ponder this one for a while. And, then it hit me…

This year, I am letting go of my expectations for ‘happiness’ in exchange for joy and peace.

We live in a fast-paced society that offers us instant gratification on many levels and the opportunity to chase after the proverbial “happiness” that seems to elude so many. We are often led to believe that our happiness depends on external factors, especially when it comes to people and circumstances.

I would be happy if my bank account was huge, I would be happy if I were prettier, I would be happy if he/she would change, I would be happy if I had a big house, I would be happy…

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