A little while back I got a new van for work. It’s a spiffy little thing, sort of a micro van LOL. My van is the center point of a large part of my life, serving as both office and warehouse for me and my guys.

One of the great things about myΒ  new van is that it has Sirius XM Radio.

Sirius SM Channel 131, Family Talk Radio. Yes, that’s a free plug for it. Preaching all day, basically.

It’s like popping spiritual steroids 10-12 hours a day.

For those who will get this(and you know who you are! Hi!); I INDOCTRINATE myself..all day long! Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That’s beautiful.

But, that’s not really the point of all this. I suppose to survive they, like anybody else, have to sell advertising.

Earlier today, they were advertising an Organic Cranberry Cleanser. Not really sure what that is, but whatever. I suppose one washes their face with it. Weird, really.

This product was proudly advertised as:

!!!Clinically Tested!!!!

What does that even mean? Nobody talked about results, just that it was TESTED

Do they test every berry?

If they run all those berries through a clinic, are they even organic anymore?

Were they tested and found to actually clean your face?

Were they tested and found to make your face peel away?

I’ll be thinking about this all day.