What a great post about simply being a little tolerant. I suspect this lesson could apply to a lot more than just Christmas. Blessings and enjoy!

The Lions Den

(Maybe there is something here for believer and unbeliever alike)

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Just a heads up to the pontiffs of pride, the holders and wearers of ‘the crown of truth,’ regarding THIS time of year, or so it is thought.  Ah yes, the Legalists have arrived.

I tire of reading about the arrogance of people who say they must at whatever cost, dissociate themselves from friends, co-workers, and yes family, for gasp, wait for it: observing Christmas.

Apparently you never received the memo regarding grace and liberty. Are ya listening? Grace and liberty regarding things you may not approve of. Sure I am well aware of ‘days and years’ and observing things that inflate ones ego to barter with God. Not too smart.

The Christians that I know do not barter with God, and many oh my, decorate a tree. God forbid!! Look away!! Blasphemy!!  Carnality at its finest!!

But good gravy…

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