I just love quotes! Blessings and enjoy!


“Christ did not come to civilize  He came to save”


“No matter what a Christian’s past may
be, his future is spotless.”


“The body has two eyes,
but the soul must
have but one.”
(See Matthew 6:22)

~William Secker


“When Adam sinned,
he fled from God;
when a sinner believes,
he comes back!”

~ William R. Newell


“We are not to come to
Christ after we have seen
and known Him, but to come
in order that we may see
and know Him; we are not
to come to His table because
we love Him sufficiently;
but we are to come in order
that we may love Him by
beholding how He has loved us.”

~ A.J. Gordon


“There’s a big difference
between the books that men
make and the Book that
makes men”

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