Anybody up for a good inter-denominational brawl? Nah…me either. Let’s just chill, listen to the Notting Hillbillies and worship Jesus.

1. I want to tell you, an actual fact,
Every man don’t understand the Bible alike
But that’s all, I tell you that’s all
But you’d better have Jesus, I tell you that’s all.

2. Well, denominations have no right to fight
They ought to just treat each other right. That’s all

3. The primitive Baptists, they believe,
You can’t get to heaven unless you wash your feet. And that’s all

4. The only primitive that has any part
Is the one that does the washin’ with the pure in heart. And that’s all

5. Now the missionary baptists, they believe
Go under the water and not to wash your feet. And that’s all’

6. Now the indian methodists, they believe,
Sprinkle the head and not to wash their feet. And that’s all

7. Now the African methodists, they believe the same,
Cause they know denominations ain’t a thing but a name. And that’s all

8. Now the holiness people when they came in
Said “Boys we can make it by living above sin”. But that’s all

9. Now the church of God had it in their mind
That they can get to heaven without the furgamint (???) wine. But that’s all

(Part 2)
10. You’re fightin’ each other, and think you’re doing well
And the sinners on the outside are going to hell. And that’s all

11. Now the preachers is preachin’, and think they’re doing well
All they want is your money and you can go to hell. And that’s all

12. There’s another kind of preacher that’s high in speech
They have to go to college to learn how to preach. And that’s all

13. But you can go to the college, and you can go to the school
But if you ain’t got Jesus you’re an educated fool. And that’s all

14. That kind of a man, he’s hard to convince
A man can’t preach, son let me find And that’s all

15. When these people jump from church to church,
You know their conversion don’t amount to much. And that’s all

16. When Jesus came here like dividing day
Gonna call the chief, tell him to drive the ghosts away. And that’s all

17. It’s right to stand together, it’s wrong to stand apart
‘Cause none’s going to heaven but the pure in heart. And that’s all

Lyrics by Washington Phillips