The Lions Den

Is it possible to say just one thing in the land of blogsville that everyone can agree on? How about four?

-water is wet

-snow is cold

-hailstones are amazing

-heat is handy when it’s freezing.

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Probably have not lost anybody yet. Now as to the interpretation of these things, aah, here’s where we dissent.

Take that pebble falling from the sky. Imagine the first time people witnessed that and said: whoa! Is this even possible? I’ve seen rain, and I’ve seen fire… but heavy iced rocks falling from the sky?

And there is the disconnect. We do not see things with splendor and awe. We view the extraordinary with bias and consider the supernatural as common. Hail supernatural? Uh hello?  Yes of course. Cold balls of water falling from the sky during the heat of day? Sure, happens all the time. Not.

We creatures of habit have become immune…

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