Truth in Palmyra

By Wally Fry


20 thoughts on “Yep

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  1. LOL! Hmmm, first you haven’t got time for a thought and now you just give us a yep?

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  2. What happened, Wally? Too many thoughts happening at once? Or, what IB said?????


  3. Hummm…I already have a headache today and now I’m having to exert more brain cells trying to uncover any hidden meanings….
    back to the chocolate….

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  4. NOnono! This is GREAT analogy! Sometimes we say yes to things that are empty, futile and useless. Or we accept something before we realize it was never true to begin with. (I’m stretching it here, aren’t I….??)–Yep.


  5. Is something missing for this post?


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