Some of you may recall, I propelled myself into the 21st century with my purchase of a Google Chromecast a week or so ago. As I said then, my first Cast on my new toy was the Eagles performing Hotel California circa 1977 or so. You know, Don Henley still had hair….Glenn Fry was alive…Joe Walsh could still say words you could understand.

Well, I am moving up in the world. Ok…I admit it…I love The Nutcracker. I have actually seen the Moscow Ballet’s traveling troupe perform it once. I’m not really a ballet kind of guy overall, but for some reason this one really gets me. Mostly I really love the music, and seeing it put to the use it was actually written for was seriously cool.

Anyway, I digress. Every year for probably 20 years now I sequester myself away and listen to the whole piece on CD. For the most part, I am the only fan, so it’s “my” thing.

Not this year..nope. Google Chromecast. Cell phone with YouTube app. Polk soundbar. New York City Ballet. The rest of ya’ll can like it or vamoose.

Life is grand..

And, if you care to join me…here it is. It’s the George Balanchine arrangement…not exactly the one I saw live, but pretty darn good.’s also the movie version…featuring Macaulay Culkin. I swear.