Okay…for real. They make a little thingy you can plug in your TV and stream stuff right from your computer to it. I kid you not. Not just one…there’s all kinds of them. I swear!

You would think being in the media providing business myself, that I would be on the cutting edge of everything media related. Nah…I hate most of it. On my computer…I blog. On my TV I watch Jeopardy, North Woods Law, and watch preaching. Sometimes I listen to the 70s at 7 on Sirius XM radio.

Anyway…that little thingy? A Google Chromecast it’s called. Just wow. I can find whatever I want at a particular time…and watch it right on my TV. Want to know the first thing I watched? The Eagles….performing Hotel California.Β  Don Henley had hair. Glen Fry was alive. Joe Walsh wasn’t all used up. It was awesome.