We don’t all have “Leave it to Beaver” or “Father Knows Best” lives.

Holidays can be hard, often filled with strife and anger.

Here are some very real thoughts on the subject from Muffythedramaslayer.

The Excitement Plan

I’ve been enjoying the freedom that comes with not believing accusations.  It has freed me up from the constant worry about whether I really did that thing and whether I really am just crazy after all.  So I’ve been able to deal with other, more real issues.  The other morning I took a hard look at myself and realized I have fallen into a bad set of habits when it comes to self-control.  Well, okay, up to a point.  I suppose I could be worse.  I’m not eating an entire box of cookies, or getting drunk or flipping people off in traffic.

But I’m seeing how I keep “rewarding” myself for crappy days by indulging.  And that is a slippery slope, not to mention counterproductive to my 2 year plan to lose weight.  Not to mention that when I’m in that mindset, I’m not feeding my mind and heart with…

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