Since this is Thanksgiving eve, I thought this nice post about gratitude by Lilka Rahpael was just perfect. Blessings and enjoy!

B Is for Blessed!

Living in the “Bible Belt”  I read many a church sign while driving. Some of them are rather witty and others are down right weird.

I did come across one that I liked a lot. It read,  “A GRATEFUL MIND IS A GREAT MIND.”

As I reflected on that particular sign I thought about my various “states of mind.”

Some days I’m focused.

On other’s, not so much.

On occasion, I can keep a very clear train of thought that allows me to accomplish much in record time. Then there are days I’m left looking around having nothing to show for my efforts.

Yet, when I focus on counting my blessings, I gain clarity that at other times alludes me.

When I am grateful, it puts into perspective all the minor and petty annoyances that don’t really matter. Headaches and temporary trials don’t compare to God’s great grace, mercy and favor.


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