In a time of great stress and contention all around us, hear is some great encouragement from my good blogging friend, Kathy. Also, some great art work by her husband Paul.


The world is changing every day and we just string along?

We follow like a herd of sheep who can’t tell right from wrong,

We listen to the experts, believing every word,

We think they know what’s best for us, but still our thoughts are blurred,

The well known politicians do naught but rant and rave,

But they’re no better than us, their words will never save,

A struggling population from an eternal grave,

We listen to the media, we listen to our boss.

We follow their direction, but still we will get lost,

We trust that all will tell the truth, our faith will quickly fade,

There will be broken promises, and none can make the grade,

Where do we turn when all seems lost, when things just don’t make sense,

There’s only One we can believe to give full…

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