I have been engaged in several really stimulating discussions on grace,works,forgiveness, and “being a good person. ” over the last few days. My brother from The Ambassadors Log has written some fine thoughts on these things. Blessings and enjoy!

Ambassadors Log

​Is that good enough?
You know folks have different ideas about what good is. There seems to be something in us that knows God is good and if we wish to be with Him and escape judgement we must be good too. I suppose it turns folks off and makes them uncomfortable but deep down most of us want to measure up. The problem is we don’t understand the magnitude of the endeavor. By way of an analogy I’ll try to help you understand what we face.
Henry Kohms applied for a job he saw listed in the local paper, it was to clean a 1800 Sq ft commercial building, to ready it for use as storage for food grade materials. After the interview Henry signed a contract and was told to start as soon as possible, but would only be paid after the job was completed. Henry obliged and…

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