Ha..I am sure many are wondering just what the significance of that particular date is; well it really has none for anybody except me.

Before today, that happened to be the last day off at work I have had. I have said before that I don’t mind work; in fact, I actually love work. Work done well is quite self satisfying in and of itself. God Himself likes work; God also has taught us that rest is important.

So, working a lot was not a problem. Even working some Sundays was not perfect, but was not a show stopper. I get that as a citizen in the world I have to do my part, and that includes in my work place.

It did, however, bother me vastly to be virtually absent from God’s House for two entire months. Other than parts of a sermon, and a Sunday School class, I have been as a person who had left the church. Sunday is an all day thing for us; everything we do on Sunday is built around being in God’s House and with God’s people. From wake up in the morning until bedtime at night…it’s all God’s day for us. Having to split it between Him and work was lousy.

I know God has a plan behind everything He allows to happen; and still wondering exactly what this one was. I do, however, have an idea.

I think He wanted to know exactly what I think about His house and His people. Did I really care? Would I really miss Him, and them? I am pretty sure He knows now, as I have prayed, hollered, cussed, and about everything else trying to make it clear to Him.

I think it worked! They finally worked out the days off rotation among the managers in our company, we now we have something resembling a plan(not a perfect one, mind you,) on how we will cover each other for days off. Because I was not really alone in this; it’s been pretty much straight days for the front line managers at our place.

My new days off?

Sunday and Monday

No Sundays at all for me.

God is awesome.