Well, here it is folks, my one and only political post. Honestly, being the under educated, backwoods, cave dwelling fundie that I am, I mostly for years now have given barely two happy hoots about politics for the most part. I try to act as a good citizen in my country, and yes I participate in our political process. I even voted in this year’s presidential election: Go Darrel Castle!

Apparently people are pretty torqued about the results of this election, as from what I understand there are protests in the streets, and a number of famous folks have said they plan to leave the country. To group one: morons. To group two: buh bye and may I help you pack?

I only have one point to make here, so I shall make it and go back to my bunker. I suspect I am about to irritate a lot of people, but so what? You can’t get me in my bunker anyway.

Many accusations are being hurled at Donald Trump supporters: racist, Islamophopic, homophobic, woman phobic..and on it goes. Apparently Donald Trump supporters hate everybody except rich white guys. Not my problem.

I want to address the issue of the racist label just really quickly and then I shall retire to the bunker and wait it out. This is, from the best of my knowledge, a true story. The facts are actually facts as they exist. If I have it wrong, I apologize in advance

This story took place right in our peaceful little town, in our peaceful little high school just yesterday. It seems a group of white kids formed a “Trump line”, put a Donald Trump mask on a stick to lead the procession, and went down the hall way waving in in the faces of some black kids, chanting: “Trump, Trump, Trump!” To be clear, this was not ALL white kids, or even most, or even a significant number. Just a few, acting like jerks.

For real? How stupid are you really? How stupid are the parents who created an environment where this could even take place among kids not even old enough to actually vote?

Of course, the obvious happened: fights in the hallway and even some disturbance outside with black kids keying cars, and making threats about what was going to happen. Now, we have increased security, police, and metal detectors for school today. In our little town.

Look, it’s not right to fight in the halls, key cars, or threaten to bring guns and knives to school. You are morons, too. As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

On the other hand…..think. What message got sent as white kids waved that mask in the black kids faces, shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump!?” Yeah, you got it: Trump’s gonna put you people back in your place.

How would we react? Seriously, would any of us just sit back and “let the process work,” if that was said to us? Well, no, we are Americans. We would throw tea in the harbor and have a revolution.

My point? It’s real simple and easy. If you don’t want to face accusations of being a racist bigot, don’t act like one.