My good blogging friend, Tom, and I were having an interesting conversation here, at my place, and it really made me think of some things. By, the way, make sure you go read that post of his that I linked to, as it is both a wonderful testimony, and very applicable to my thoughts here.

The point of our conversation was about how none of us, obviously, know the state of any other person’s heart nor their true relationship with Jesus Christ.

Am I saved? Well, you certainly don’t know.

Are you saved? Well, I certainly don’t know.

There might be evidence that might make either of us wonder either way. “Ye shall know them by their fruits“, and all that, right?

That is why every time I talk to you, I will talk about Jesus. Even if every time I see you it is in the pew next to me, or across from me as I teach you in Sunday School. Or, on your blog. or, on my blog. Or, as we have fellowship at church.

We don’t know. God knows, and only He does.

Do me a favor will you? Every time you see me?

Tell me about Jesus, too