By Insanitybytes.

A while back I had one of those profound spiritual experiences were somewhere in your soul you manage to answer the question, “okay it’s the end of the world, how are you going to spend what time you have left?” I was quite surprised to have answered that question so quickly, so clearly. I’m going to spend my remaining time falling madly in love with Jesus Christ, reading poetry, and contemplating the nature of romance.

And God said, do it now, don’t wait.

It’s a bit startling actually, I am a practical person, so if you tell me it’s the end of the world I am liable to start digging a bunker, stocking up on spam and ammo, and making sure we have potable water. Never in a million years would I have thought my answer would be to fall in love and read poetry. I have since come to the conclusion that is actually incredibly sensible. Who wants to spend the rest of their life living underground shooting at people who come to steal your canned spam?……read the rest of the post hereTotal Depravity